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TinyXP – Additional software

Posted on: December 6, 2008

After you’ve installed TinyXP you might be interested in installing the following additional software:

  • Google Chrome, perfect for small screens
  • The latest AA1FanControl to make sure your BIOS is supported
  • EEE Rotate makes it easy to read PDF files by rotating your screen direction
  • KMPlayer, this lightweight video player is the only player that allows me play 720p video perfectly
  • VCdControlTool, extremely small .iso mounter by Microsoft

Let us know if you have more suggestions!

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13 Responses to "TinyXP – Additional software"

Something I don’t use myself, but others might be interested in:

Just started using this: DropBox free cloud syncing of documents, cross platform (win, osx and linux).

Just installed the 1st official release of Google Chrome in Windows XP on my MBP….and it looks promising as you mentioned earlier on…its a good candidate to become the browser in my PerformanceXP version…I have to figur out how to do the WindowsUpdate with this browse…any ideas?

Hi Ron,

I’m sorry I have no idea. I’m a complete windows newbie and don’t even know how to use WindowsUpdate for anything useful in IE..

About the Google Chrome thing…

It’s yet a new web browser and it doesn’t have so much add-ons and other stuff, so I recommend Mozilla Firefox 3.0.5 + Classic Theme (small icons) + Hide Menu + Hide Bookmars bar. It will take less space on your screen.

I uninstalled Googlr Chrome from my AA1 as well from my other laptop……still to many bugs in this browser (freezes, no complete downloads)…will wait for later release to give it an other try.

Oh, I forgot! a1ctl I guess is my favorite fan control software because its the only one that allows you to set the fan on slow mode instead of just turning it off.

Uninstall the webcam driver, restart your AA1, let Windows install the default driver and download CaptureMax:

Your webcam issues are gone and you have it 110% customizable for all sorts of uses

to update windows without internet explorer i use windiz.

oops. i don’t think chrome is supported.

I like that Google Chrome with my AAO. I think there is something there and I will stick to it. It doesnt have a lot of bells and whistles but just one is needed to sound the alarm. As for updates, I am using Windows Updates Downloader. For those using Windiz, are you aware that Windiz is no longer updated? This is what I have been told.

Hello there,
I run Ron’s tiny XP aned can’t get NMEA contact between an rs2322USB GPS or even bluetooth.
Is there any thing missing in XP?


Good post. I always visit your site and found lots of beautiful work. Thanks for your all efforts that you do for it.

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