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Bavarian Brezel

Posted on: November 3, 2008

Just in: Kuki Linux Alpha 2 has released. More info here

I’ve installed this Alpha just now and tried a few things. The main reason I’m interested in a customized version of Ubuntu is performance. To me the two most prominent factors of performance are boot time and battery life. Unfortunately Kuki hasn’t impressed me yet: boot time was about 55 seconds and battery life was estimated at 2 hours (without Wifi). Both are worse than a standard Ubuntu install tweaked for the AAO.  Luckily the bootchart of Alpha 2.1 shows an improvement in boot time. I’m very interested in the next release and hopefully the performance will be improved soon!

Boot chart Kuki 2.1


The installer partitions the SSD by defaults as ext3, which I hope in the future will be changed to ext2. Here are some screenshots from the official website.

login screenshot

openbox screenshot

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will be a _lot_ faster in 2.1 :)

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