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Godly XP SP3

Posted on: October 2, 2008

Midori-Keep in mind this is just for gaming and if your looking for a speedy version of xp slimmed your best bet is to use ron’s Tiny XP

The post below is taken straight from the original poster if you have problems with installing this or getting it all to work just PM Midori at and i will be more then happy to help you solve your problem or anwser your questions

GodlyXP is a new type of variant, it’s completely different to all these gamer editions and speed editions, this my friends is in a league of it’s own, it’s neo-bone’s, basically it’s got all the crap Microsoft apps unneeded removed, as you can see it only needs around 20mb’s of ram to run unlike other OS’s in this community which require around 80mb’s or more! everything is still compatible and working, wireless internet works, games work, all media works! heck I even added a few drivers (feel free to remove those ) GodlyXP outperforms EVERY windows xp released, fact. and without loss of needed things, This was created by the masterful exploiter, Shaun (AKA Cloud/Godfromdfo) he (or I) has given everyone in the internet community (and real life) to share this 100% legit variant of Windows XP Professional SP3! (SP3, final build, by Microsoft of course!) There are a few things I disabled on purpose (which you can re-enable) such as automatic updates and such, simply go to services.msc and enable them if you want to, however there are no updates left t download.. GodlyXP is fully updated, Genuine, no Serial required (GodlyXP is legal only if you change the serial later.. which you don’t need to do, however it may be a good idea)I could write a list of things I removed and what tweaks have been done to the registry hives, however I feel no need to.

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This one looks good to me and I will try it after my current project. Good post!l

Installed Godly today, it’s really fast but also really bareboned(!).. Forget network/local printing for example as there’s no spool server service by default (and no way of installing it from the .iso either) :s


I installed godly, but my keyboard is not working properly, some letters are changed in numbers, like the letter I is a 5, do you know why and how can i correct this problem??

Your numlock is ON?!!

Like crazeann mentions it might be that you only have to switch NumLock off to correct it.
However (this might be because I tweaked my AAO further to run fast with the only prog’s I have left mentioned in “Ron’s Performance XP”), I have found that pressing Fn+F7 have corrected this also. Now, this MIGHT also be caused by the external keyboard I have connected but I haven’t really tested this out (it’s an USB-Keyboard with back-lit keys I bought at Clas Ohlsson for the humongous amount of $10 *haha*) but this set-up works perfect for me. Small size so I can always carry it with me and I don’t think I’ve used the keyboard or the pointing device at all since november (I also use the Logitech G5 mouse for my AAO).

Best regards,


Godly was not my project

how I install this godlyXP into AAO?

This version posted here includes de AAO drivers?

It also includes de SSD fix to install into AAO-ssd models?

Ok, so I have downloaded the 3 rar files above just to find out they are all the same files. I have extract one to my USB drive but it wont boot on the AAO so how do I make it bootable. What am I missing?

This is my inching forward progress on trying to make a bootable Godly XP. I have used unetbootin-windows-275.exe to load Goldlyxpsp3.iso to my USB stick (from Ron TinyXP bundle) But it wont boot. It gaives me screen with DEFAULT for only choice but it wont take it if I click on it, If I press Tab, I get this : /ubnkernt initrd=/ubninit but I have no idea what to enter. I would like to try your Godly XP. I already have TinyXP but I am not very happy with it, AAO is slow and I cant WinUpdate.

I installed it on my PC and everything is running quick, but it won’t allow me to connect to the internet or start a connection. Can anyone help me please?

looks good… but any one have try windows xp prof sp3 aao edition here?

they told the windows works perfectly and combined with flashpoint beta 5 its very2 good…


I tried to install it but so far I havent been able to boot from the USB stick. The author havent made his progam USB bootable but he is supposed to look into it and let me know. Look for my posts under danico55 on his site support (comments section)

unfortunately – these links are dead

unfortunately – these links are dead

Anyone have a working link??

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